Oil Catch Can Hoses

Available in Red & Black or Blue & Black


This nylon braided hose consists of a synthetic-nitrile inner tube with a partial stainless steel reinforcement inner braid. On top of that, there is a heat resistant nylon sheathing (upto 150 degrees celcius). The Nylon braided hose is significantly lighter and more flexible than the stainless steel braided version. Even better, the hose is designed to handle any fuel (including ethanol and nitromethane), oil, or coolant.


Multiples of 1m


Oil Catch Can Kit

Citroen and Peugeot models


Oil Catch Cans are beneficial to reduce carbon build up on the valves. PCV (Positive crank ventilation) is so the block does not crack under pressure. On a PCV system there is a mix of oil, fuel and exhaust gas at cylinder temperatures. Since there is no safe way to vent these gases the setup on stock engines is to route the gas back through the intake which if you have turbo application then enters the turbo and intercooler components before going back into the cylinders to re-burnt and the cycle continues. Oil catch can's which uses a baffle system extracts the oil and fuel along with other contaminants. This oily/fuel mixture will then settle into the base of can after passing over the baffle and since fuel evaporates varied amounts of contaminants when the can is emptied will be seen. It is important to think where to mount a catch can since the mixture being trapped inside it is a flammable mixture of fuel and oil. This kit is designed to be fitted with our intake scoop as its on the colder side of the engine bay but as owners we all make different choices.